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26 June 2008

Dubai Goes Sci-Fi with Dynamic Tower

Check out the Dynamic Tower, a shape-shifting skyscraper that's expected to cost $700 million. It will be fully constructed by 2010.

Based in Dubai,* it consists of 80 pre-fab apartments that each spins to its own tune (seriously -- at VOICE COMMAND), with help from wind turbines around a central column. Italian architect David Fisher says the building will never look the same, "not once in a lifetime."

Similar structures are planned for Moscow and New York. I recall a similar structure with rotating apartments and wall-to-ceiling mirrors (Rio? Sao Paulo?), but I can't find the link and, in the face of these changeling-looking things, boy could I care less.

Via Amanda Mooney.


*Where else? The sheiks there pour vinaigrette over dollar bills and have it as salad.

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