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09 June 2008

Rhea Scott Gets Personal on Adrants

A few weeks ago I got to interview Rhea Scott, the brains behind Little Minx.

Little Minx is a production company that seeks to turn ad directors into filmmakers. Directors' ad work is supported with a dream budget and serious creative license (mostly courtesy of parent company RSA).

To promote its directorial talent, Little Minx launched a series of films under a campaign called "Exquisite Corpse," which was inspired by a storytelling game of the same name.

One of the productions -- which incidentally features Rhea's daughter -- drove me on a discovery mission for the origins of a song called "Come Wander with Me."

I like the idea of advertising as a multi-layered manifesto. The purpose of an ad is to make a product relatable to people and reinforce an existing brand "personality" -- why not go to town with it? Every successful spot doesn't have to feature some celluloid Whipple man.

Catch the Rhea Scott interview on Adrants.

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