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09 May 2011

Russian Roulette is Not the Same without a Gun...

Is there something you'd risk your digital life for? Russian Standard Vodka poses the question with Russian Facebook Roulette, a game where you really stand to lose your Facebook profile. In exchange for taking the risk alongside four other compulsive identity-gamblers, you could win a free trip to Russia for seven days. (Where you can play Russian roulette for real...?)

Dangerous work, and I like its taste; it bears a degree of risk that forces you to ask how important your FB identity has become. (And why?) It also serves the brand well by leveraging that "dancing on a razorblade" feeling we associate with Russian vodka (or Russian anything).

If it happens to catch, I don't imagine Facebook will let the game fly for very long, though. (Consider the fate of Burger King's Whopper Sacrifice.)

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