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09 May 2011

Shake Well for Love

The Zuck may spend his private time producing hook-up algos for Facebook users, but the socnet that's managed to weld all our social circles together (for better or worse) still lacks plenty in the matchmaking arena.

But who wants to use Facebook for love? How lame are you? ...It's a fine line, certainly, but one that can be exploited.

With that in mind, some friends of friends have produced ShakeCoeur, the iPhone/Android app that lets today's discriminating and time-constrained networker pick and choose would-be mates from friends, and friends of friends, via Facebook Connect.

The idea is deliciously simple: enter your stats (26/female/single). Specify your range (28-35/male/single). Then shake.

A visual cloud of potential mates, gleaned from your own network and networks nearby, appears. Click on a face you like (because admit it: that hippie crap about "it's the soul that's important" aside, you want to be physically attracted to the dude you're gonna have babies with or whatever). The friend you have in common appears between the two of you: useful data in case of awkward questions, or for setting up an intro. Otherwise, go ahead and send the person of your interest a Facebook message (directly from the app!); what you say to seal the deal is up to you.

If it all goes horribly wrong, shake again and change your approach. It's like a petrie dish for your libido.

(What else do you need for max efficiency? A five-hundred question personality test? ...right.)

And remember, if ever you find yourself at a loss for words...

The app goes live Monday and will be free on Day 1. After that, all bets are off!

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