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04 May 2011

Aussie TV Welcomes Refurbished Virgin Blue

In 2009, Virgin Atlantic fêted its 25th anniversary with a sexy retro-style ad that followed red-clad flight attendants and a grinning movie star pilot through the airport, practically red carpet style, on opening day in London.

It was epic, like a fantasy you have when you're preadolescent and square.

The above is a spin on that for the freshly-rebranded Virgin Blue in Australia. Created by Clemenger BBDO Sydney, it includes a cameo from Hans Hulsbosch, who created the airline's new look, and was filmed in Sydney, Melbourne and Shanghai. The tone pops less, the electric downplayed; but you still feel the energy of that something building, laced with a very faint Australian-ness.

Hulsbosch explains: “The television commercial communicates that, for the first time, Australia’s airline industry has a genuine alternative. It has listened to what customers want today – and created the right kind of experience [...] a modern, dynamic service offering" expressed in a cinematic style.

Much ado, much ado. When's Virgin Galactic gonna start doing TVCs? And do you get stewardess uniforms on a space ship?

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