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23 September 2010

Kicking CAPTCHA and Improving Online Ad Experience - in One Fell Swoop?

Not a bad idea. It solves problems today and is an example of solid thinking. What risks there are, the gains are too good not to leap in and find out. (As long as I don't end up typing BUY R0LEX WATCH $99.99 thirty times a day. That sh!t would be wack!)

Via my homie over heeere.

1 comment:

Howie said...

Its very weak. How often do we have to enter in recaptcha's? 280m per day? So like one out of 6 people enter one each day? Ain't moving no needles. I love the marketing fandangle super spiffy terminology and data they use like this is the newest of newest shit. LOL Hey if they can make some money go for it.