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18 September 2010

Ladies and Gents: AdVerve xtranormal!

AdVerve episode 47, Edward Boches Deconstructs the Universe, was late this week due to scheduling issues and other fun and games. We discussed that newfangled Diaspora thing, dystopic love stories set in the very probable future, Mashable's unwitting promotion of social media slavery and why you're not getting your Foursquare Player Badge if a group of Gen-Y chicks have anything to say about it.

But don't take my word for it, play the show. In fact, @fairuse calls it a two-time listen and @ChrisHavranek said it was a gem, and that's cool because how often does a podcast get to be a precious stone? NOT THAT OFTEN. Unless it's Aladdin's. (Okay, that was reaching. I'm sorry.)

Also, AdVerve homie and quotations extraordinaire Howie of Sky Pulse Media took the time out of his life day to do something objectively insane: with help from xtranormal, he made a wee AdVerve video and drew dialogue from previous shows. (Mostly the invective-ridden things, like that time I called SEO tweeters spambots with blood, and the time Bill said PR treats him "like a FACKING fax machine.")

Seriously, guys. This is going to be awesome. And also, our faces really do look like that.

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