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29 September 2010

Neither Ad, Nor Sense, in GOOG Mobile's Latest

Whatever you think of Google's ad efforts in general, you'll probably agree they're usually more coherent - more relatable? - than this bad-boy.

The first minute of this piece is all you needed to get a sense of what they were pushing. After that it's basically just, "Pizza. Pizza. Pizza." Right, you're understated and yet self-effacing. We get it. All ten minutes of it.

Will people hang around to backpat watch? (I didn't.)

If that weren't bad enough, the tagline is "Where you are is what you search." I think I get what they were trying to do, but I just don't see how "pizza" can be a general location, unless they mean that if pizza is what you want, then wherever you are, it's the only void that matters right then. At least where your search engine of choice is concerned. There has to have been a less existential mindfuck of a way to say that, though. (How 'bout "What you want, where you are"?)

Lots more where that came from!

V + V.

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