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08 September 2010

What's Up Google's Sleeve Today?

"An event you won't want to miss." That's the oft-repeated slogan from the invitation Google's sent to Silicon Valleys crème de la crème for its search keynote, 9:30 AM Pacific, at San Francisco's MoMA.

Since, speculations have taken seed everywhere they could find a little soil. For example, the particle movement simulator logo that appeared on yesterday brought back latent questions about whether Google may release a breakthrough on its ongoing quest to be able to search your DNA.

Then again, that was the hype of two years ago. The overall sense is that the search conglomo will be releasing a true service for real-time search, a more advanced and purpose-oriented descendant to Google Realtime, launched some months ago. The latter features tweets and Facebook status updates related to your search queries.

True Google "real-time" would be a search engine that provides search results even before you've hit enter on a query. It'll tailor responses to you as each letter you type changes the size, scale and context of your hypothetical motivation:

(Via FrenchWeb.)

For other hints on what's in store today, it may help to read what GOOG CEO Eric Schmidt said at the IFA yesterday. Among other things: today is the age of augmented humanity.

A statement like that casts a heavy light on what's to come. Let's hope it's somewhat more interesting than last year's big announcements (Google Squared, Rich Snippets, Google Sky).

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