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01 September 2010

AdVerve Episode 45: Digitally Speaking

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Kelly Eidson of Ad Age Gen Next fame, of I Need A New Job So I’m Going on a Job Trek fame, now of senior digital planner at Modea fame, joins us for a discussion on the still-there digital divide.

Sighs matter, because we again attack the issue of traditional vs. digital agencies and who gets a shot at the lion’s share of the work. Plus, we cover the skinny on agency life in Virginia vs. New York City, what defines "really good work" and what happens when a client finally decides to take that wild plunge with you.

We *may* have even taken a shot or two at account people. BECAUSE WE LOVE THEM. So sit back and download some digital love. OR download first and then sit back.

– Stayfree Ultra Thin fun!
– Carmichael Lynch/Harley-Davidson fun!


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