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06 September 2011

Ch-Ch-Changes: AdVerve the Blog, She Cometh!

It's with an inordinate amount of excitement that I declare the birth of a new era: the era of AdVerve.

You already know about AdVerve the Podcast, but this is next-level shit. Darryl Ohrt (formerly of Humongo and author of Brandflakes for Breakfast), Bill Green (Make the Logo Bigger) and I are joining blogger forces to produce AdVerve the Blog. It's going to be an explosion of face candy and inexplicable ear-licking awesome. Darryl will also be joining us on the podcast that started it all.

What does this mean for you? Three for the price of free, that's what. We'll bring multiple perspectives, irreverent views, a contagious love and occasional complete disdain for the industry that stingily issues our Wonderbread and butter. You'll find us all together -- still live, still uncensored -- over at

So what are you waiting for? GO SUBSCRIBE AND FOLLOW OUR TWITTUMS! We love you.

Fo' life,

Bill + Angela + Darryl (which equals BAD as in BAD ASSSSSS).

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