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01 September 2011

A Purity Message from Pharrell Williams.

When you think clean starts, you think Pharrell Williams and a full bottle of vodka, right? Because I sure do!

Any work involving Pharrell rocks well, but Cutting Edge's Darryl Ward also has his hands all over this. Whether it actually gets you drinking Smirnoff is your business -- that brand's got a long hard road ahead of it if it wants to shake off the stigma of all those high-schoolers looking to get CRUNK! on a hot weekend.

But maybe with a price hike and more work like the above we can get serious.

Via Fubiz.


Chris Havranek said...

After working at a liquor store that caters to the gourmet cheese and craft beer aficionados, while also bordering the lower income bracket neighborhood I can't see Smirnoff breaking new ground by simply creating a new campaign.

The half pint of Smirnoff is the drink of choice when our regulars would come in with a surplus — allowing them the luxury of skipping their usual pint of kamchatka vodka. That red label will always be synonymous with high school and college parties.

Not to mention, any brand with vodka coolers will never be given the chance to break out of the college demographic.

Angela Natividad said...

Oh, God. I totally forgot about vodka coolers. I guess frats pay the bills in the end, though, so maybe it isn't so bad that they can't move past hyphy overgrown kids.