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12 August 2010

Brandon Schaeffer's Movie Posters

There’s something to be said about distilling a central theme or idea of a film down to it’s core and translating it into a simple, iconic image. It’s a nice exercise that shows just how limitation can breed possibility and eliminate distraction: by setting yourself a series of self-imposed obstructions, your focus becomes more refined, and communication becomes key.
- Brandon Schaeffer

See more of Brandon's movie posters, as well as a few more of his thoughts, at Escape into Life. (Thanks for the tip, Candace!)


Howie said...

He does know that back to the future 4 is coming out right? With Zac Efron and Woody Harrelson?

Angela Natividad said...

@Howie Oh man. Woody Harrelson can either make or utterly destroy a movie.

@Craig Yes!