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10 August 2010

AdVerve Newsy Bait: Tips on Pitch Protection

You're a small agency or a freelancer. You get invited to a pitch for a great potential client. You make your pitch; things went well but ultimately you don't get the business. Yet, six months later you realize the client is basically using your idea in its new campaign...

The Wheels of Capitalismare relentless in their turning, and if somebody - say, a big corporation with many faces to hide behind - can snatch something out from under you without paying, they're going to. That's the facts of life, and that's why learning how to cover your ass is important.

One of the most overlooked ways to cover the aforementioned extremity is pitch protection. It's easiest to forget when you're just starting out, and eager for an ear (any ear!).

In AdVerve's latest newsletter, ad/marketing law attorney Michael McSunas (@adlawguy) of Chambliss, Bahner & Stophel, PC gives you three ways of ensuring your idea pram doesn't get jacked in the pitch room. Give it a read. It's under the section labeled, "Hey, Ad Law Guy!"

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