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14 August 2010

This is an Out of Office Notice.

One of the really nice things about moving to France is the adamant vacation culture. And it's been impressed upon me that seizing your rightful time to disconnect really is something that should be prioritized, no matter how important all the other stuff seems to be. You get human contact, you experience nature, you're reminded of what is important and what must be protected.

So I'm off for the next two weeks. (Where? Roughly here.) Will be back, all fresh and full of delight, around the 29th. Catch you guys then. I swear I'm gonna try not to tweet.


Cynthia said...

Enjoy your vacation. I'll be coming to Paris soon for my vacation. Can't wait - in the meantime, I am disconnecting every now and then, catching the rays and chatting with a neighbor when I step out of the home office every now and then, too.

Howie said...

I hope you packed your reflective vest just in case you get swept out to sea!