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11 August 2010

Dry Erase Quitter a Hoax, and Maybe a Lesson

This may be fiction after all, but it's springboarded aspiring actress Elyse Porterfield to internet infamy and validated the ability of brothers John and Leo Resig to "create" a viral. More than once.*

The figures on this 24-hour legend of incendiary office fantasy: 238,000 Facebook shares and 31,000 tweets, per TechCrunch, to whom John Resig stated,
People, particularly journalists, underestimate America’s appetite for a good story. This story wasn’t primarily done to see how many people in the mainstream media we could hoodwink (though that was fun), it wasn’t done for the publicity, money, nor was it a slapdash reaction to some JetBlue clown; it was done purely for the entertainment of the people first and foremost.
Entertainment! It's crazy that the Resigs figured out this was the secret sauce over a well-packaged universal truth: we all have an epic quitting fantasy that makes us the heroic face of the Oppressed Regime - and most of the time, we can't play it out. (Well, this guy could.)

Meanwhile, clueless brands are still producing swill bucket fodder like this Reebok Runtone abomination.

Last word from Resig: “A hoax has two lives, the initial hoax and the story of how it happened. Even though this is a hoax, people want to see a walking talking Jenny, the people want Jenny.”


*They were also responsible for this and this. Today these stories are the stuff of urban legend, which is kind of creepy. Could you invent a viable urban legend?

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