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10 August 2010

How to Burn - Well, Blowtorch - a Bridge ... and Still Look Fresh to the Internettarati.

...You'll need a dry erase board and SOME ONLINE WONDERSNAPS.

Via @zeldman. Oh, update: this whole thing could just be a prank on the internet (like, seriously, AT LARGE) by two asshats. Their big reveal on the identity of dry erase girl is tomorrow ... don't expect it to be anything more interesting than the quitting story in photo format.

Two commenters worth noting in the Gawker story:
You know, at this point, I don't really care if these kinds of stories are real or fake. - SharpShinyClaws

The most interesting thing about this story besides the fact that it went viral in a big way, is the fact that maybe we're entering a new age where the truth doesn't matter as long as it relates to our lives and is funny. I've worked with guys such as her boss who played about the same percentage of Farmville. - keyboardcat
Some thinking food. Don't leap to any extremes on the great grand meaning of it all, at least not yet ... just let it simmer for awhile.


fairuse said...

Nice Hoax. But there will be over compensation.


fairuse said...
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