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07 May 2009

The Definitive Star Wars Wedding.

Complete with storm trooper wedding gown.

Maybe kitschy themed or just generally playful weddings are the way to go. What couple fondly remembers the flawless variety?


Hypothetical flawless-marriage couple, 25 years in:
God, it took FOREVER to find just the right flower arrangement. But I do think the azalea sprays were worth it. And that cake! -- didn't I tell you vanilla bean was tops?

Hypothetical Star Wars marriage couple: That shit was off the chains. Hey, where'd you put the matrimonial light sabers? I can think of a few new uses for them.

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Areichental said...

Now if only i can have a wedding with me and my future ex wife both in banana costumes. For our wedding vows, we would use maracas to sing ITS PEANUT BUTTER JELLY TIME. The crowd would all yell WHERE U AT? The star wars wedding would know they lost.