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16 August 2008

Pretty in Pink

I got to see Nastia Liukin win the gold tonight. On a technical level, she's great -- but her grace, that fragile Russian ballerina feel, brought me to an emotional edge.

Visa did a nice job of capturing her here. Footage of Liukin's floor routine are also available at NBC Olympics (nice photos here, actually).

Must feel good to bring a legacy home. Benj says he's less impressed with Olympians groomed by Olympian parents, but I don't much mind. Investing your kids with a skill you happen to know well is probably better than investing your kids with a dream you liked the look of on TV. (Inspired in part by Flashdance, my parents decided early on I should be a gymnast. They probably still wonder why I failed to produce that blue mat oomph.)


The Great Rashimoto said...

Olympics make me cry. It's too emotionally intense for me. I know that seems pansy-ish but I've always cried at the slightest hint of emotional build up. Its why I only see comedy movies now with my friends. Quite embarassing.

Angela Natividad said...

Glad we can share that, Ra. I don't think it's pansy-ish. :-)