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19 August 2008

Why Does Ebay Still Exist?

Burn baby burn.

Some dude won one of my auctions on Ebay and refused to make payment in the allotted seven days. I can't file a complaint, because Ebay's site keeps timing out on me. (It does this all the time.)

And get this: I can't leave negative feedback, due to some new policy that they hope will make buyers feel better about closing purchases. (Hey, idiots. If you're going to admonish us to leave "honest feedback," why don't you empower us to file public complaints?)

Ebay, you have ceased to be a feel-good experience. And in case you think this is a one-time rant, I'd like to remind you of the last time I sold something on your site, when you blew up my inbox for days with an ostentatious bill without explaining in clear terms where I could pay it. (Here's a bright idea: how about PayPal, asshats?)

Ebay = ultimate fail. No wonder all your key people are leaving. If you were a person, and by some wild fortune also my next-door neighbor, I'd slash your tires.

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