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05 August 2008

No Undies Today. What's a Girl to Do.

Lots of flight cancellations en route to Chicago yesterday because of a big-ass lightning storm. I was supposed to arrive at O'Hare around 6:45pm, but my flight got tossed and I was put on an 8:40 flight out of Philadelphia which was delayed, then delayed, then delayed. We finally made it to Chicago around midnight.

My luggage is lost.

Arrived at Red Roof Inn near 2am. The concierge was nice. Flight delayed? he said. Yes, I said. I asked for toiletries -- toothbrush, shampoo -- and he said he didn't have any because the lobby was flooded with water in the afternoon. Failing to see the logic there.

Went upstairs to wash face. Facial soap was already open. Decided to just lay down and die, but couldn't sleep. It is now morning, late morning at that, and I smell like airport man musk.

Online encouragement from well-meaning friends (plus boyfriend):

John Engler - "Sorry about your baggage. I made dinner plans tonight. Try to shower."

Steve Hall - "I have man shower stuff if you want to use it."

Benj - "HORROR STORY. Read the comments! Doesn't look good."

David Griner - "Now pull yourself together, woman. Sexy blogging is about opportunity, and you're missing out. You should be posting tweets about 'no undies today, what's a girl to do,' etc. Don't make me send you back to Big Dave's Finishing School."

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