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27 August 2008

Duality of Humanity

Street artist Shepard Fairey is a master at juxtaposing the values we love and hate. A lot of his work is difficult to look at, especially if you fall hard on one side of any ideological fence. It's thinky-thinky and rebellious at heart, but also fairly inexpensive living room fare. =P

"Duality of Humanity" is the name of his latest exhibit, another send-up of the Cult of Man. From the pressie:
"Duality of Humanity" is inspired by the peace-sign wearing US soldier in Vietnam, 'Joker,' in Brian DePalma’s Full Metal Jacket. [...] That theme of soldiers and weapons bearing peace signs, or peace signs comprised of military effects, runs through many pieces in the show. [...]

Suffering and hope are seamlessly merged in a visual mash-up that defies expectations and easy answers.
Wish I didn't have to miss it. Don't you dare if you can avoid it. Catch the show between September 13 and October 4th at the White Walls Gallery in San Francisco.

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