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09 August 2008

The Rise and Fall of Twitter

"Why can't they just hire a proper programmer?"

We don't know, Hitler, we don't know.


Ben Kunz said...

Beyond the guffaw-and-gut-wrenching humor, the Hitler video also captures the emotional itch that drives us all to use Twitter. I've gradually gotten more addicted until at times I feel I can't enjoy a moment without sharing it online.

Strange, this urge to share, no? Wonder if the first cavepainters had the same urge.

Angela Natividad said...

Probably. Why else would they have felt the need to immortalize a story in stone?

Not to be all pinko, but I think sharing is part of what brings us to life. The human experience can be so incredibly lonely if you don't have someone to call, even if only to shout, "I WON THE SPELLING BEE! In the 5th-grade."

Anonymous said...

Wonderful, I put this on my blog. Never thought someone would be able to make me smile with my twitter problems. :D