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27 March 2008

Deltalina, Deltalina, Deltalina!

Two days ago the alarm clock went off and I woke up all shocked and confused because NPR was talking about Deltalina.

Flight attendant Katherine Lee, dubbed Deltalina by a crew of forum geeks, is the star of Delta's new airline safety video. It hasn't even started appearing in flights yet, but it's circulated the 'net so many times you'd think it aired six months ago.

I covered it on Adrants last month and expressed skepticism that the video would help rescue Delta from financial woes and dismal word-of-mouth. I am revising my opinion slightly.

Deltalina won't save Delta, but I can imagine a bunch of curious 'net dorks lining up flights in the next few months, just to see how the world reacts when Kat Lee finally appears on screens in the sky. By now, even I'm curious.

Slightly off-topic: I miss the days when all American flight attendants were hot. What with equal opportunity and industry giants that think the lowest rate is the best means of promotion, all the sky candy's moved on to international flights.

And frankly, it's impossible to find an ad conference that throws me in the way of Air Tahiti Nui.


Anonymous said...

U covered it a month ago? Guess I'm late to the party... what's new?

Anonymous said...

Now I see there is a website. What next?

Today it takes very little to get people excited. Or maybe it was always that way.