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31 March 2008


Sooooo. I've been sitting here for about three hours trying to work out how to use this space in the future.

I figure most people visit to find out more about me (for reasons I can't begin to understand). Most of the information pertinent to those searchers is located elsewhere.

At some point I plan to point this destination to a bio page and change the URL to my actual blog, likely to the ultra-fancy new one I bought today: LIVEANDUNCENSORED.COM! 

It's a pain in the ass to type out, but tough. Get a feed reader. And think of all the stray porn traffic I might get!

As for what I'll be covering (in a manner most LIVE and most UNCENSORED)? You can probably expect the same general marketing/advertising/media/personal stuff. I'd also like to talk more, and more frankly, about the trip I've taken from college student, to dressed-to-kill marketing exec, to pyjama-padding online ad/marketing publication editor.

Because it was a little like falling headfirst into a looking-glass, suffering a concussion from the consequent head trauma, and having an awesome hallucination for four years.

If you're among the six people that actually read this daily, you may have noticed I pulled the Google ads. I did that because this is less of a for-profit effort and more of a for-sanity one. (Also, I lost my AdSense password.)

You may also have noticed I altered the layout and gave the whole thing a delicious maroon-and-blue-on-white motif. That was because I have no taste and am probably going blind.

Oh yeah. Most obviously, I changed the name of this blog from "That Convoluted Marketing Romance" to LIVE AND UNCENSORED! That happened mostly because would have just been too mean.

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