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31 August 2011

Following MINI + Vice to All the Wrong Places

The first MINI campaign I fell in love with was Profero London's "White Rabbit" execution in 2006. For me, it first positioned the iconic car as a symbol of whimsical pursuit. While Louis Vuitton positions travel as a single moment of static luxury, MINI is all about the spirit of the move, with chase starring both as adventure and game.

BSUR Amsterdam gave this approach an exciting new angle with ROCKETMAN, tying MINI back to its roots while imbibing us with a strong whiff of nostalgia -- not the stuffy kind, something more akin to patriocy. It also wed MINI's past to our future.

I talked to ECD Jason Schragger a few months ago about where MINI's headed and what it takes to build a MINI idea. He provided a vague sketch of what came next: they wanted to take the idea of exploring to cities around the world. Not cities everybody knows (New York, London, Paris), but places nobody thinks about. Then, instead of using the resulting ads to talk to those places, the ads about those places will be used to talk to us living in New York, London and Paris.

In short, work that makes people living in dream travel destinations dream of traveling again.

Those are the roots of the "All the Wrong Places" campaign, whose video manifesto you see above. Like MINI on Facebook for the chance to become a co-pilot. Here are the uncut TV executions:

Hitchhiker (Iceland)

Love is in the Air (Hong Kong)

Sunday in Rio (Rio de Janeiro)

The work is cinematic but still whimsical in classic MINI style. It also reminds me of Diesel's "Be Stupid" but with actual legs. What I'm loving about BSUR right now is that they're stretching MINI's marketing horizons without tossing out any of the basics that fit the brand well: adventure, play, deep roots, games of pursuit and juxtapositions of size. This is a good exercise to watch.

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