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14 July 2010

Sorry France, No Online South Park Eps for You

South Park Studios isn't serving full episodes to France yet, but they were nice enough to make a consoling country-specific caricature. I like the touch of the cigarette and the smoking jacket. I almost want to say hey, I think I know that guy.

For the one or two of you half-wondering why I was trawling South Park in the first place*, it's because I was looking for the 2004 clip from The Passion of the Jew, where Mel Gibson is all crazy. (Matt and Trey, how did you know?)

I am pleased to announce I found it.


*Why would a person ever need a justification? This show shits magic and has done so since its inception. Did you ever watch the Mormon episode? COME ON!

1 comment:

Howie said...

I am sad South Park is singling out France. As for the show itself. Its one of very few I watch. Robot Chicken and the Daily Show are the other two I watch regularly. And you wonder why I have no clue about TV ads! I don't see any!

I love they had Mel tweaking his own nips! LOL