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28 July 2010

AdVerve Episode 41: Shark Attacks and Animorphs

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Media Monitors Strategic Community Manager and Oz native Deb Wiseman, a.k.a. @wisey joins us for an epic conversation spanning from social media analytics, to politicians' use of new media, to whether Australia is really the most dangerous place in the world to live.

Oh yeah, there is some amazing shapeshifter/animorphs action in there too. But we didn't tell you that; you discovered it for yourself. FAIL TO LISTEN AND YOU WILL NEVER LEARN THE SECRETS OF ANIMAL SPIRIT TRANSFER.

By the way, POLL TAHM!

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00:00 – Advertising works, we believe!
21:03 – The lying liars
34:16 – Let’s go to Australia
46:26 – Mel’s torment redux
54:50 – Commercials killed the video star
01:00:43 – Sydney wildlife—get some!
01:12:01 – Stay off subways/Wrap


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