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07 July 2010

Facebook Now Reco'ing Likes Against Other Likes?

Saw these along my right-hand column today. The text under each of the headers reads (in English), "people that like [something I already Like] also like this."

I will indeed Like "Where the Wild Things Are." One out of two, for a feature I've never seen before, ain't bad.

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Howie said...

I have no problem with this on Facebook. I know. You are shocked. Big bad Howie Facebook Basher approves of something they did. I refuse to let run on my browser. I refuse to Like anything off the Facebook site. But I do Like on Facebook. It doesn't fix the biggest flaw of the site which is that Fan Page posts show up in a stream that has such high volume most posts are never seen or read. Like 80% or more. But I have been working with a Brand doing their Fan page and it is VERY hard to gain fans. Just like the big pages with 1 million fans have such a hard time getting more than 50 people to comment on a post except for very special pages of bands, DJ's and causes.

I remember seeing a Nabsico post getting 25 likes and 20 comments over a 2 day span while the Chemical Brothers got 750 Likes in 2 hrs after posting their new song!

Also since Facebook chose the Advertising Business Model the numbers really suck. When only 1 of 2 people each day comment, update or like a comment, and the numbers show people only Like/Join a Fan Page 2.5 times per month.

I also see Facebook scrubbed all the numbers from their Stats page that exposed all this low activity!

That said this new feature is no different than Amazon or Netflix recommendations.