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21 July 2010

AdVerve Episode 40: Harry Webber Redux

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The Man™ is back. Turns out he was just getting started last time. Anybody spared? DON’T BLAME HARRY. It’s our fault because we put him up to it. Harry opens with a story about the origins of the CBS logo and the behind the scenes skullduggery. (Well, for advertising it’s skullduggery at least.) Then we hit up Apartment living, Crooklyn style, listen in on a few calls with friend of the show Mel Gibson.

Since Harry actually knows Mel, he confirms a few of the things you already suspect about him, plus a few you didn’t. Who’s next? Oh yeah. Two guys named Jobs & Gates. BP and Obama then get their asses handed to them, Denzel gets mad love as we break down religiosity in The Book of Eli.*

YOU WANT MORE? Oliver North even shows up.

Miss this episode at your own risky business.

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*MAJOR SPOILER ALERT. Haven’t seen the movie yet? Then skip past 50:27 and go right to 01:10:31.


00:00 – Intro/The CBS story
08:36 – Adterns
12:15 – Microsoft
27:01 – Mel Gibson and race ftw
37:33 – BP
40:23 – Obama’s turn
50:27 – The Book of Denzel
01:10:31 – Oliver North: domain typo king
01:19:21 – #saatchiLa
01:21:32 – Wrap


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