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27 July 2010

Every Cigarette Smoked in Mad Men

That's a lot of puff-puff, and nice work by Whirled.

The drinking and smoking are integral to Mad Men, and not just because it's a gesture of fidelity to a period. There's a close association between creatives and artists. In those two camps, you've always got this tragic notion of burning on both ends: being constantly hopped up on something and doing your job anyway - maybe even needing the former for the latter.

Also, still fresh out of Cannes, I can attest that this attitude, this lifestyle, is still alive and well in the industry. (The hyperlinked post is about people discussing ways to quit, but that's also part of the mantle of smoking.) The world may have moved on, but the lone creative still gets something out of lighting one up. It's a legacy, nicotine-laced shackles of genius and suffering that bind us not just to Don Draper but to Mark Twain and Sartre.*

Last year AMC enabled users to create Mad Men avatars. Cigarettes, of course, were an accessories option.


*This is flagrant nonsense actually. I smoked a lot while working last night, more out of computer rage than the need to feel metaphysically close to those of my ilk. Also, Mark Fiddes and I came up with another theory why smoking is such a fixture in open-ended professions: it's a measured form of procrastination that also seems productive - like,
"Oh, need this to get in the zone. I'll just be seven minutes."


bertrand said...

There's always an infographic to illustrate your post....always

fairuse said...

That was a cool video. You right burning both ends camp. Back when, before retirement, if I got stuck on a no win task I would lock the door, pour the coffee and fire up the chain smoking machine. It would not start as chain smoking but would always end that way. Still do that somewhat these days. So, maybe that is just a natural part in some creative/artist/engineering brains. However, in these modern times you could say, "There is a pill for that!".

Howie said...

Its the coolness factor. And a bit of being edgy naughty. When I first flew in planes for college pre-smoking ban I always chose the smoking section. They were the fun people. The ones who drank and laughed and had fun. I think if I could inhale tobacco I would be hooked. I used to ask friends if they got buzzed and they said (just like the clip) only in the beginning. Couldn't understand it!

Will stick with my cuban cigars and funny cigs.

I think Wall Street was the same as Madison Ave back then btw.

Howie said...

BTW watched the premiere of Mad Men. I think it will be a hit. Looking forward to the second episode. Might even get renewed for a second season I bet. BTW Bill is definitely Don Draper right? Well at least the scene where Don is pitching the bikini campaign?

The Great Rashimoto said...

remember the one Friend's episode where Rachel got a new job but she didn't fit in cuz everyone including her boss took smoke breaks and so she started to pretend she smoked just so she could talk to her boss and her boss started accepting her until she found out that Rachel was just pretending? it's a good ep.