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30 July 2010

A Lesson on Not Jumping the Gun

The internet claims this is Surcouf, prior to his incarnation as a sort of Gallic Best Buy.

Him (leaping through doorway): I'm going out! Are you coming with me?!

Me: Where are you going?

Him: Chez Surcouf!

Me: What is Surcouf?

Him: A French pirate, very well-known----

Me (balls of feet primed to leap): We're seeing a pirate?!*

Him: ----but now it's an electronics store.

Me: Oh.

Him: So are you coming?!**


*Thinking: Will he sing, or feed us mottled fruit? You never can tell with a pirate!

**The answer to this question is yes. I like electronics stores. But this is still a lot more disappointing than what could have been.


François said...

not a pirate, a corsaire

Angela Natividad said...

Thanks François ;)

Howie said...

I agree your blog is under read. We need a marketing plan. Let start with Social Media? Then buy some digital ad placements followed by some late night TV commercials. But how do we monetize. Page views? Ad serving networks? Or maybe you write a book?

All I know is your humor and linguistic ability are quite good. I mean I am 5 days late and this is timeless.

Angela Natividad said...


I was thinking maybe an SEO webcam girl segment...? You know, like a girl who strip while explaining search optimization strategy? I mean, what do you think?

Naw, you're right, I ought to do more with this bad-boy.

Howie said...

Don't forget there are Hipster Creatives who need you!

I think you need placement in some higher profile sites that fit your talents. New Yorker? Slate? Not ad industry shit. Like real high profile literary placement.

Angela Natividad said...

Howes: when I find the right fit, let's hope they think I'm the right fit too.