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22 October 2009

The Race to Own Real-Time Search...

...begins and ends in 24 hours, more or less.

Shortly after Microsoft is said to have inked a liaison to incorporate Twitter and Facebook updates into Bing, Google announces a similar deal with Twitter.

Success and usefulness of either will depend on how they decide to present that living breathing gangbang of real-time data. Can't wait to see how it pans out.

Interesting though how no one has yet come up with a freeform (and indexable) way to share thoughts in real-time that can viably compete with Twitter. I guess that's part of what Google's trying to do with Wave, but can't say for sure as I don't have it yet. (*scowls*)


corporate video production said...

this is not good news for small businesses

Anonymous said...

Hi Angela

We have a backlink from your page (in the comment above) going to our website taht Google doesn't like.

Would you mind to remove either the link or the whole comment?

I'll have to disallow that page in Google if you are not replying to our request by the 26th of October.

Thank you for your help.