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29 October 2009

Episode 3 of AdVerve: 'Socially Inept'

He loves you, you know.

Alongside social media strategist Len Kendall and user experience designer/content strategist Robert Gorell, episode 3 of AdVerve digs into social media gurus -- what they are, what their value is in the space, and whether their talents scale to companies.

Toward the end of the show we play a wee game: how would each of us reposition a given company? Featured brands: Home Depot, Netflix and Microsoft Windows.

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Other biznass: long-suffering Bill has finally managed to give us a blog platform, although we're still sorting out DNS issues for getting it to appear on (It worked yesterday, I swear, so we're close!)

Next item on the to-do: a newsletter for the listeners hither and yon. Send questions, comments or requests for newsletter inclusion to advervepodcast [at] gmail [dot] com.

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