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21 October 2009

Center Stage, On tha Mic!

Podcast junkies: AdVerve Episode two is up and available here. Topics by timestamp:

00:04 – Bill makes me do an uncomfortable dance about limits and the French market.
05:20 – Our approach to podcasting.
13:30 – 10 for 10 -- a topic association game.
42:22 – The agency/PR landgrab for social media.
49:45 – On being a creative octopus.
54:09 – Wrapup and GO.

Housekeeping shite:
  • Still working on finding a good content platform for the website, but in the meantime listen to the first ep here.
  • We are pending approval on iTunes. Here is our show feed; you can also subscribe from FeedBurner.
  • Houston, we have email. Hate or love can be sent to

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