Angela Natividad's Live & Uncensored!

22 July 2009

Live from Twitter, USA! -- er, France! is a nifty little service that lets you broadcast yourself live (and uncensored!) on Twitter.

Log in with an existing Twitter ID, then hit "Broadcast Live" and grant the app access to your camera. When you're ready to share your face with The World at Large, hit "Broadcast & Tweet." This'll provide your Twitter feed with a link to your live video, accompanied by any message you send along with it.

The cool thing is, once users click on the link they can chat on the right-hand side of your livestream, enabling you to respond in real-time to whatever they're saying. (This can be both a good and bad thing,* I guess.)

When done, stop recording. The video lives on that link forever and can be embedded elsewhere on Internets.

Best of bests, it's ad-supported -- or, well, it will be once parent company Livestream drums up some hot-n-heavy sponsorship love. Meantime, it's free for anybody to use.


*Chelsi: "oh great, this is just what we need: spammerz broadcasting pr0n. @SilkySwallow takes her talents to the big screen!" Hey, now. Don't hate; congratulate.

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