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14 May 2008

In Case You Hadn't Noticed...

The One Show Festival is over and I'm back in Ithaca, nesting.

The ad ceremony/party posts:

- The student competition (SpOnSoReD By DoRiToS!!!). I did get links to the winning student work, which I have yet to incorporate in the post
- One Show Interactive (professional photos hither)

The speaker coverage:

- Jerry Della Femina
- Brian Collins

Highlights: meeting very cool people that I didn't want to spill drinks on and laugh at, seeing Della Femina and Collins at close range (although I think I put Collins off when I told him he had "neat glasses"), and seeing my favourite ads (IN GIGANTOR-VISION!) win well-deserved awards.

I didn't get that whole Halo 3 "Best in Show" thing, but apparently my 19-year-old sister Meia loves them. Her gushing went something like this: "They were amazing! They made the struggle" (struggle?!) "seem so real. Oh and all my friends bought the game."

Like they weren't gonna buy it anyway.

I did, however, think Projector's UNIQLOCK campaign totally deserved "Best in Show" for the Interactive ceremony. It blew me away. Then I spent, like, 15 minutes trying to show Benj why I thought it was so cool and he just wasn't sold.

His reaction: "Is that the time in Tokyo? Oh. All right, I've seen enough."

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