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08 May 2008

Halo 3 Won Best in Show, and Then I Had Epilepsy

As posted on Adrants:


The One Show ceremony took place last night and I Twittered like a woman on a suicide mission (or at least a "lose-all-my-followers" mission).

Highlights of the show: the ads were incredible! The King made a speech! Sometimes Tom Papa was funny!

The event kicked off with the first-ever One Show People's Choice award. If you loved BBDO's "Muffin Top" spot for Lifesavers, rest assured the rest of the world did too.

One Club president Mary Warlick approached the podium to honor the contributions of Hal Riney and Phil Dusenberry. Their tribute videos were reflections of my childhood: these men were behind so many of the ads I grew up with. It's a strange feeling to miss people you've never met.


Moving forward:

HBO/Voyeur won a butt-load of honors, repeating its victory streak from the One Show Design ceremony.

Whopper Freakout was also recognized, scoring gold for the Integrated Branding category. In total, BK got two Gold Pencils, one Silver and "Client of the Year." The King came up to absorb the accolades and broadcast his victory speech, an unexpected surprise that got me all excited and out-of-sorts.

See specifics for what Voyeur and Whopper Freakout won at MarketingVOX.

I got excited near the end, because stuff got really good for TV Spots under :30. Fallon's Bravia Bunnies and Cadbury Gorilla got Bronzes, as did the Coca-Cola Balloon ad that lit up the Super Bowl.


Silver winners were almost too awesome to stand: "Dangerous Liaisons" for Levi's (BBH), Skittles' "Touch" (TBWA\CHIAT\DAY), and that hilarious CareerBuilder self-help spot. I was like, What could top those?!

I don't have an easy answer for that. Because can you honestly say you're wild about "Believe"?

Let's hope so, because that same Microsoft Xbox Halo 3 campaign walked away with "Best in Show." And, well, I walked away with a bad case of WTF?!?!-face (which looks something like this).

Read about the judges and other Pencil recipients at the One Show website.

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