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01 May 2008

Crisis of Cool in Aisle 6

So today I was at P&C, a bunk-ass grocery store I intensely dislike, examining the contents of some peanut butter Nature Valley bars.

I heard a familiar tune overhead and shook it off, but it seized me like the plague and wouldn't let go. As it rolled to the vocal I went, "OMG! That's Sufjan Stevens."

I was ridiculously happy for, like, two seconds, and then I remembered I am in the same store that periodically plays "Heal the World" and "Unbreak My Heart" back to back.

A chill shot down my spine and attacked my tail bone. Does this mean Sufjan Stevens has ceased to be awesome? Could it be possible there's something wrong with me?

Dilemma. I left with a gigantic bottle of V8 and a box of overpriced Luna Bars (who takes EACH BAR out of the BOX and charges the per-item price?! This would never happen in California), feeling damp and conflicted.

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