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19 March 2012

Awkward Smoking Co-Worker Talk.

Him: Salut. Have a good weekend?

Me: Yeah. You? Do anything special?

Him: Not really, I just relaxed.

Me: Yeah, me too.


Him: If you really want to know, I planted tulips.

Me: Ooh. Yeah, I guess the weather was good for gardening.

Him: Not really, the weather was horrible. We just brought some bulbs back from a trip and I planted them.

Me: Oh.


Me: So, plans to start the next Tulipomania?

Him: What?

Me: Never mind.


David Griner said...

I will pay $5,000 for his tulips, no questions asked. OK, fine, $10,000.

Angela Natividad said...

I'll email you the certs of ownership and you can wire the money directly to me.