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08 March 2012

Razors on the Doorstep.

Here's a video* for Dollar Shave Club, which takes the hassle of dealing with newfangled razor styles at the supermarket by delivering perfectly good fucking great razors to your doorstep for $1 a pop. In the future, they'll even let you crowdsource your shaving cream!

Quotable: "Your handsome-ass grandfather had one blade. And polio."

It merits noting, for noting's sake, that a European startup called Raz*War does the same thing, with the same DISRUPTIVE! convictions, and has been in business for the last several years. Minus the charismatic video and crowdsourced shaving cream fomula -- although they do punt pretty balms and oils with clean apothecary-style labels. (Just sayin'.)



*Is anyone else getting tired of this irreverent style?

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