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06 March 2012

AdVerve Podcast #84: DisPinterested

But will it print you a dream...?

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Get your rage rant about social media lunacy, whether there's a point to Pinterest and Bill's latest discovery: We take on pirates and breach Kevin Smith's reality TV series Comic Book Men and Angela talks about the Pirate Bay's new project: 3D Printing! Never buy a pair of Air Jordans again, not when you can make your own and fill that shit in with a Sharpie.

Buffy wiggles into the conversation for a sense of the familiar, intermingled with a delightful tangent in social service wordplay, and we finish off heavy with the ethics of piracy. LISTEN YOU SOME. 


 - Kevin Smith's reality TV show, Comic Book Men.
- Penn Jillette on media and silos. Quotable: "If they're not communicating with people, what the fuck are they doing?" Priceless.
- Kevin Smith's Smodcast.
- GSD&M's #SXSurvival page.
- The Makerbot store.
- The Pirate Bay declares 3D printed “physibles” as the next frontier of piracy.
- Neil Young on piracy.
- Photo credit: "3D Printer Makes Edible Food", CNN Money.

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