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22 February 2012

Sony: Wireless Electricity, Instant IDs + Energy Tracking.

Congested narrator voice aside, there's plenty to be excited about in this video about Sony's ambitions for the future. (I'm really glad there's no 3D TV punting ... that shit was stupid.)

Use of cords and disposable batteries are among the few things this century that frustrate me about our exponentially improving technological landscape. Why are we still using them? Thankfully, viable alternatives are beginning to crop up, like solar- and wind-powered charging stations that you can keep in your pocket.

The ability to measure and track one's own energy use at a glance is also a growing trend in modern tech-savvy architecture. It isn't unreasonable to imagine that in the next handful of years, residences will come equipped with such devices in the same way most cars now come stock with GPS.

But while screens and other wifi-ready affordances proliferate (consider the piece of paper in this video that was apparently also a mobile device), it's important to remember that software must increasingly divorce itself from reliance on hardware -- that is, software must be increasingly hardware-agnostic. Most of your data -- like personal energy use -- will be kept in the Cloud, accessible wherever you are and through whichever device you wish to see it. It's a tough line to walk when the software still needs to be a little bit hardware sensitive (for example, showing information in a different format depending on the device being used).

In any event, it's a brave new world we're walking into. And I can't wait to get rid of all these bloody cables.

Source: Numerama.

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