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06 February 2012

Angela's Superfast Super Bowl Ad Rundown

Ads that were reasonably okay: Fiat "Seduction" (above), Audi's Twilight jab, Samsung's controversial stylus revolution, H&M/Beckham's tribute to the classic CK/Wahlberg ad, and FirstBank's pee break (only in Colorado).

Chevy Sonic gets an honourable mention for its OK Go alliance; it would've been great if Chevy hadn't soured the water with the Ford rip in First Half.

And don't even talk to me about that Clint Eastwood Halftime in America crap. W+K are masterful storytellers but that piece reeks of politics and promises utterly hollowed by the fact those wankers took bailout money. That your enterprise exists is a privilege, not a right, and if you think otherwise you don't get to push the "bootstraps" button. We didn't get bailouts.

Otherwise, lots of Americana, cars and dogs this year. When I finally have Prohibition nostalgia maybe I'll like the Budweiser ads, too.

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