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14 November 2011

AdVerve Episode 80 - Halloweeness Edition

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Better late than ever! Primal fears will always make great movies, and we hit all the points this ep: our favorite horror flicks and why, the best villains, and an opening tribute to the best villain-slash-hero of them all: Steve Jobs. All that angry action, coupled with Halloween ads, reflections on the ethics of stealing, the mindset of startups, race in costume, and when the world will be ready for an evil unicorn movie. (Also, whatever happened to movies about sea monsters?)

Our movies of choice:
- The Exorcist
- The Shining
- Silence of the Lambs
- The Rocky Horror Picture Show
- The Nightmare Before Christmas
- The Countess
- I Am Legend
- Juon (English version: The Grudge)
- Paranormal Activity
- The Saw series
- The Friday the 13th series
- 30 Days of Night
- The Lovely Bones
- The Hunger
- The Addiction


- The Method Method
- Apple iPadfomercial
- Joshua Hoffine's horror photography
- Bill's Instagrid
- Angela's Instagrid
- Halloween ads: Axe and Agent Provocateur

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