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07 September 2006

Cherchez la Mini

The French have a saying, "Cherchez la femme," which means "look for the woman." The logic is that behind every passionate chase, every dream that keeps one fueled, when all is said and done it's a woman that catalyzes the motivation. Ideally and with some determination, the ultimate capture of the woman will lead one to success or happiness or whatever else you seek.

Anglophones have a similar metaphor in the chasing of the white rabbit - a pursuit that, while perhaps futile at best, will at least lead you through dazzling, curious and life-changing adventures. Just ask Alice.

Mini's put together a wildly imaginative campaign that plays upon these notions and on the 'net-roving wanderlust characteristic of Generation: Web 2.0. The object of the pursuit, however, is zippier than a woman or a rabbit - it's a Mini in telltale white.

Click on a Mini banner to start the chase. Instead of finding yourself at the Mini Cooper website (what a dated idea!) the merry little Cooper leads you haphazardly through an eclectic series of websites, including the Museum of Food Anomalies, the Silly Sign Collection, and the online home of the Handlebar Club. Each respective site has yet another Mini banner inviting you to continue the odyssey.

According to AdCritic, "the ingenious campaign aims to reinforce the freedom of movement enjoyed by MINI owners, while simultaneously proving that even banner ads can veer off the beaten path."

The campaign's been nicknamed "The White Rabbit" and it was put together by Profero, a marketing agency based in London.

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