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31 August 2009

The Strength in Sand

This month an artist called Kseniya Simonova beat all in Ukraine's Got Talent (Україна має талант) after depicting Germany's invasion of Ukraine with sand on a projector.

It's an interesting watch, but I don't think we can see it with the intimacy Ukrainians in the audience must have felt. It's their wounds, their history, that appears, disappears and reappears in this most temporal tool -- earth that remembers nothing, not even the footprints that passed across it moments before.

And nothing beats the way Simonova wields her art: with a dignity and a passion that leaps out, unrestrained, as the sound of bombs propel her forward.

Art doesn't last unless you know how to suffer. The value of the human experience resonates exclusively in people; time forgets us, and nature eventually washes us away.*


*Oh, yeah. This is also a good lesson in how there's a market and a need for your brand of creativity, just be honest with yourself, all you have to do is commit, blah blah blah.

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Candace said...

a friend of mine showed this to me when I was in Egypt. It's pretty cool & is spreading quickly...