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22 August 2009

Actually It Wasn't Farting Hearts; It Was Farting Lower Carbon Emissions.

We give you Ad banalities!, Tokyo vs. Paris edition.


Angela: I like these little containers

Chelsi: in a Japanese advert, those would be pictured alongside an actual banana

A: just in case you don't know

C: and the caption would read: banana juice for my heart on warm summer day
: and then there’d be a little cartoon banana just below it
: dancing a jig
: and then just to the left, an actual Japanese person
: probably some smiling chick
: touching her face
: and then it would be blown up to some ridiculous size and pasted on a building
: or a bus

A: that sounds like the worst thing ever
: although I did see an ad yesterday in which a car appeared to be farting hearts.

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