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20 August 2009

'Geometry, Light and a Wee Bit of Magic.'

High hopes for invisibility cloak. And if you seriously, seriously need any other reason to click on that link besides those five words, you should really be ashamed of yourself.*

Guess I should also add that this isn't the one and only time anybody's gotten close (or felt like they got close) to perfecting the invisibility cloak. Some Japanese dudes were working on an invisibility windbreaker-looking thing a few years back, which, if I remember properly (and I probably don't), worked a lot the way a mirror does, except backwards: the front of the jacket is a video screen reflecting what's behind the wearer. Or something.

How Stuff Works explains in more accurate terms the science behind invisibility apparel.


*Chelsi, you non-link-clicking harlot she-bitch, I'm talking to you.

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