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16 August 2009

It May Ring Like a Cross Between Constipation and Valium.

But no, it's just a tease for an opera about the star-crossed love between Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears.* Seriously. Apparently.

WE GIVE YOU TIMBERBRIT. And in the event your curiosity hasn't been sated by the audiovisual masterpiece above, here's pretty much everything you need to know about it, courtesy of NPR:

It's a tragic tale that imagines Spears' last concert, in the final hours of her life. Timberlake returns after a long absence to win back Spears' love, but in the end she chooses the audience's love above all else.

[Composer Jacob Cooper] began work on the opera by experimenting with a technique called time-stretching. Using digital audio software, he slowed down Spears' songs — and suddenly the light pop tunes seemed hauntingly tragic. Phrases like "Hit me baby one more time" took on an entirely different and more weighted meaning.


*This is one of those times you wish ill-fated teen tragedies ended the way they did in the Shakespeare days.


your sistah. said...

Geeze. That is hauntingly tragic. Though i stopped in the middle because it was getting odd.

Her final concert? yeah. But though I still don't understand this post.

The Great Rashimoto said...

Um, interesting idea, but don't think I can sit through the moaning. I love brit-brit but she moans enough at normal speed. to slow that down and add operatic crescendos would be to make a screeching cat stop in its tracks. One britney-related event i won't be buying tickets for.